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As a supplier of folders and book covers, MIFIA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., who integrates superior Chinese resources and owns many strong facilities to produce, bears great capability to supply the globe with storage filing products like folder supplies and book covers. Over 12 years, MIFIA has obtained huge experience of supplying filing supplies such as folders to wholesalers, offices and schools, honored with high reputation as a Chinese folder supplier in the world. We supply high-quality filing folders wholesale to our clients with great before-sale, during-sale and after-sale services and supports. Our storage filing supplies are exported to countries all over the world especially Europe, South America, South Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.


To increase the capacity and ensure the production quality and by the way and to make our filing products cheaper, Mifia owns automatic high-technology facilities, such as automatic coating machine, automatic high frequency machine, automatic folding machine, half automatic welding machine etc. What’s more, we use Germany Heidelberg UV printing machine with professional techniques for filing products with printings, to ensure the high efficiency and printing quality, our printing products are honored with very high reputation in the world.

Filing products exhibition in business fairs

Mifia attends many business fairs, especially for Canton fair, China, in order to have more opportunity to communicate with customers face to face, and widely extend our new filing products, our booths are specially laid out and neoteric filing products are exhibited, to absorb lots of old and new customers with our gorgeous filing products.

Applications of Filing Products

Mifia's main filing products includes lever arch file, book cover, file folder, document bag, ring binder, display books, and other plastic or paper stationery and office products etc. Mifia filing products help office staff to manage their files and documents, so as to improve their efficiency and protect precious documents and files. Meanwhile, for stationery products, Mifia regards the precondition as to provide high-quality and environmental protection products, let the students use them safely.

  • Plastic Filing And Storage

    Plastic Filing And Storage
    File folders are extremely important for offices to keep files secure and organized. Organizing file collection with the right file folders and filing storage supplies will boost the efficiency and productivity of a company, especially to one who holds various files and documents to organize. And for employees dealing with files and folders every day, it’s imperative for them to find the right file folders and other filing products. MIFIA’s plastic file folders and filing products are various in materials, made from high-quality pure plastic like PP plastic and PVC plastic, through exquisite process. Especially, our PP plastic file folders have a large range of designs. Those file folders are printed with high-quality Germany Heidelberg UV printing machine, bringing vivid appearance and high quality to file folders made from plastic. Various sorts of machines to guarantee our plastic file folders and other filing products are equipped, such as automatic welding machines, half automatic heating machines, and half automatic riveting machines allowing us to supply better file folders at reasonable prices.

  • Paper Filing And Storage

    Paper Filing And Storage
    The varieties of Mifia's paper filing & stoage office supplies are many. To pursue for better folders and other office filing supplies made from paper, Mifia focuses on the best paper materials and exquisite process, utilizing all beneficial resources in China. We concern each details through the process of production of both paper and our paper filing supplies, making Mifia's paper filing supplies qualified for our customers. Imported folder accessories are used in our products to guarantee our users experience, for instance, we use imported elastic bands to ensure its flexibility, and rivets in copper material to ensure the long durableness. which save high labor costs, ensuring the prices are competitive in market.

  • Back To School

    Back To School
    Mifia's back to school series, especially back to school style book covers (book covering sleeves), which are our most famous items. The printed book covering sleeves or films are also very popular, thanks to perfect printing performance of our UV printing machine from Heidelberg, Germany. Mifia's back to school supplies like filing folders, book covers, pencil cases are made from different safe materials like phthalate-free materials and bear certificates such as Reach, ROHS, EN71. Since items like book covers are low valued, it requires huge capacity to ensure competitive prices. Our advantage is that we own lots of high efficient professional workers, as well as automatic welding machines, which ensures the capacity of Mifia's back to school supplies. On the other hand, our rich experience ensures the firmness for edges.

  • Zip Pouch Bag

    Zip Pouch Bag

From May 1st to May 5th, 2024, MIFIA participated in the 135th Spring Canton Fair.
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